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Itchy Feet has always been about the music. 


It is why we started, and it is why we carry on. We love playing great music to great people. If you aren't able to come to our events, or simply aren't able to wait, there are a few options:


The Itchy Feet House Band & DJs

Our events aren't' the only place you can see our DJs perform. We play at other events, and if you'd like to book us, please get in touch.  We have a variety of horses for a variety of courses. We also have a house band: an 8 piece tour de force, the Itchy Feet House Band has to be seen to be believed. You can find more out about them here


The Itchy Feet Podcasts

Being very old, we love to make mixtapes. There are hours of music online that you can check out. They've had north of 100,000 downloads and listens, and we think they're great. If you'd like to get some great music for your ears - check out our podcasts.

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