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Here we are, at the metaphorical home of all things Itchy Feet.


What started off as an attic party in Leeds in 2007 has now exploded into an operation spanning across events, industries and even continents.  We started as a DJ with a plan, and now we are so much more. 


Hundreds of DJs, bands and other performers, and maybe as many as 1000 team members have been through what we now affectionately call the "Itchy Feet accelerator". We've been able to boost DJs from the bedroom to the main stage, and help countless undergrads focus their creativity and turn it into both skills and full-time work. But more than anything, we have been at the helm over 500 events, with more than 250,000 people coming along, and routinely declaring - "this the most fun I've had... ever". 

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